BYD Brand, YUAN Plus Model EV SUV

Item No.: 00146
Professional system
Strong driving force
Aesthetic design
Dimension: 4455x1875x1615mm
NEDC Mileage: 430/510km
Battery Capacity: 49.92/60.48kWh
Motor output: 150KW, 310N·M
charge port: AC,DC
YUAN Plus 430KM Luxury Edition 430KM Premium Edition 510KM Honor Edition 510KM Flagship Edition 510KM Flagship Edition Plus
Tyre size 215/60 R17 215/60 R17 215/60 R17 215/55 R18 215/55 R18
Active brake - have - have have
Lane keeping assist system - have - have have
Road traffic sign recognition - have - have have
Side safety air curtain - have - have have
Parking radar - have - have have
Driver assistance image - have - have have
Automatic parking - - - - have
Skylight type - openable - openable openable
Roof rack - have - have have
Built-in tachograph - have - have have
Adaptive near and far light - have - have have
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