Changan Brand, Shenlan SL03 Model EV Sedan

Item No.: 00119
12.8-inch large screen
Body wheelbase 2900mm
Dimension: 4820×1890×1480mm
Battery Capacity: 58.1/79.97kWh
CLTC Method Mileage: 515/705km
Motor output: 190/160KW, 320N·M
Charge port: AC, DC

CHANGAN SL03 515 Pure electric version 705 Pure electric version
Power system maximum power (kW) 190 160
Acceleration time to 100 kilometers (s)*1 5.9 6.9
CLTC(Km)*1 515 705
CLTC(kWh/100km)*1 12.3 12.9
Power battery power (kWh) 58.1 79.97
*1. The data is based on engineering development simulation values, which may vary due to different test factors such as site, weather, road conditions, power consumption, load capacity, etc., and are for reference only.
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