SAIC Maxus Brand, Star EV Model Pickup

Item No.: 00160
China pickups pure electric endurance king
273 EU collision standards
Strong driving force
Dimension: 5365X1900X1809mm
Rear box dimensions:1485X1510X530mm
Battery Capacity: 68/88kWh
CLTC Method Mileage: 350/535km
Motor output: 130kW, 310N·M

SAIC Maxus Star EV Standard battery life Standard battery life high configuration version Standard battery life smart version Long battery life
Battery Capacity(kWh) 68 68 68 88
CLTC Method Mileage(km) 350 350 350 535
ESP body stability system - have - -
PEPS keyless entry and one-button start - have - -
central control screen 10.25 inches 10.25 inches 10.25 inches 7 inches
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