XPENG Brand, G3I Model EV SUV

Item No.: 00151
Panoramic space cockpit
15.6-inch central control screen
C-NCAP, CIASI dual safety certification
Dimension: 4495*1820*1610mm
Battery Capacity: 55.9/66.2kWh
CLTC Method Mileage: 460/520km
Motor output: 145kW/300N·m
Charge port: AC, DC
XPENG 460G+ 460N+ 520N+
curb weight 1680kg 1680kg 1665kg
Comprehensive performance      
AC slow charging time (30% to 80%) ≥4.3h ≥4.3h ≥5.5h
Intelligent Technology      
XPILOT Driving intelligent assisted driving system      
CCS cruise control
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
LCC Lane Centering Assist
ALC intelligent assisted lane change
SAS intelligent speed limit assistance
ATC Adaptive Curve Cruise
XPILOT Parking Assisted Parking      
Super smart assisted parking
Smart parking assistance
Vehicle Summon (RVS)
Mobile Parking Assist
Remote Key Park Assist
Reversing image with parking assist line
360° panoramic view parking assistance system
Xmart OS car intelligent system      
surround view camera
trendy design      
X-Robot Face penetrating LED daytime running light design
Smart LED light language
18-inch tires (215/50R18 Michelin) ○¥3000 ○¥3000 ○¥3000
Appearance color      
nebula white
star lake gray
Nebula Rice + White ○¥3000 ○¥3000 ○¥3000
Dimensional powder + whitening ○¥3000 - ○¥3000
sky green + white ○¥3000 ○¥3000 ○¥3000
interior color
Sea horizon themed interior Blue and white interior + light gray top Blue and white interior + light gray top
multi-dimensional security      
XPILOT Safety active safety      
AEB automatic emergency braking
FCW Forward Collision Warning
LKA Lane Keeping Assist
ELK Lane Emergency Keeping Assist
CIW stop warning
FDM Forward Vehicle Distance Monitoring
BSD blind spot monitoring and early warning
LDW lane departure warning
SAS intelligent speed limit assistance
RCTA rear cross traffic warning
LCA lane change warning
DOW door open warning
Transparent chassis

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