Suggestions for drivers when do inspections

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Suggestions for drivers when do inspections

Your truck drivers are the eyes and ears of your operation, and will almost always be responsible for conducting the trucks or semi trailers checks that are necessary to maintain a preventative maintenance program. To equip your drivers with the knowledge to perform a pre-trip inspection that covers all relevant areas, consider creating a maintenance checklist that covers the following categories:

Brakes: After your seatbelt, your brakes are one of the most important life-saving systems in any truck. However, they also deteriorate rapidly with use, so it’s important for them to undergo a comprehensive inspection before the start of a trip. To help your drivers successfully do this, make sure to have them inspect the lining of the breaks to ensure there are no leaks in the air pressure system.

Tires: One of the most frequently used and replaced parts of any vehicle are the tires, making it especially important to check them often. An over worn tire can become a major hazard to a semi truck if it's not properly addressed. Because of this, both air pressure and tread depth should be examined regularly.

Fluids: Leaking fluids can be problematic and costly for a semi truck operator. By checking below the undercarriage, a driver can usually determine if leakage has occurred. Drivers should also frequently check the fluid levels for their coolant, antifreeze, fuel, and oil. Finally, checking air pressure, oil pressure, and temperature will ensure all your fluids are functioning correctly.

Electrical: The lights on your vehicle keep you safe by helping communicate your presence to other drivers. Before your driver starts operating a vehicle, make sure they check that warning lights, turn signals, brake lights, and flashers are working correctly. Drivers can also double check other components of the electrical system by ensuring all wires are still tightly connected and interior lights are functional.

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